F7 Underwear

Freem® underwear kit for motorsport consists of balaclava open-face, t-shirt, pants and socks and it is realized with high quality fireproof NOMEX yarn; it has an ergonomic line with an excellent fit, the texture is extremely breathable (with very high-temperature also) and the seams are placed to prevent any pressure zone on driver's body.

​Developed and released exclusively by Freem® together with medical researchers. This lastest innovation in motorsport racewear helps the driver improve his performance. The set consists of both shirt and pants, with frequency coordinated fireproof silicon, strategically positioned over 5 points around the body. Three years of research and development with high profile drivers on circuits and simulators, provided measureable data showing that the F7 underwear helps to improve concentration and physical performance. Shirt and pants are designed to be used together for the best results.

Freem® underwear kit is FIA 8856-2000 approved and 100% made in Italy.