Overall TK 114

The karting overall TK 114 has all the typical features that have always characterized Freem ® trademark.
This new model is the result of the improvement of the previous one, in particular Freem® removed all the unnecessary parts and used the best advanced technology.


  • Breathability: the dobule layer sandwich used permits a great breathability, any opening part has been removed to avoid any possible break.
  • Comfort: the external material is pretty lightweight, breathable and soft thanks to a particular treatment; the suit has a perfect wearability that follows all the body movements, it is like a "second skin".
  • Lightness: even if CIK-FIA 2013 homologation has introduced some new technical requirements, Freem® realized an extremely lightweight suit thank to its experience and knowledge.
  • Design: the karting overall TK 114 is available in over one hundred different design and in more than twenty different colors. Furthermore Freem® can satisifed specific requests concerning new design, new colors, prints and embroidered logos.

The karting overall TK is CIK-FIA 2014 approved and it is 100% made in Italy.